Our team


The team taking care of all customers and the operation of the entire building is composed of professionals in their field, people enthusiastic about their work.

We are looking forward to your visit at Na Rychtě!


Pavel Rottenborn - brewer
Pavel Rottenborn

He holds the position of Brewe. He is responsible for quality and production and for looking after the beer.

He has a life-long experience in all production departments of breweries. He was trained in the Pilsner breweries and subsequently from 1981 to 2009 he worked on the production of such beer brands as Zlatopramen, Březňák, Louny and Podžbánský pivovar.

Since the opening of our restaurant in 2010 he brews our beer for us.

“I brew the excellent Mazel beer for you!”

Petra Hamalová - Shift Manager
Emilio Soriano
Shift Manager

He has worked in Na Rychtě restaurant and brewery since 2010. Thanks to his hard work and diligence he is today in charge of the quality of our draft beers. He takes care of the well-being of the entire beer experience, from the pub down to the clean glasses.

“I draw every beer with such care as if it was for me”

Jan Heřmánek - Shift Manager
Petra Hamalová
Shift Manager

She has worked in Na Rychtě restaurant and brewery since its opening in 2010. After ten years of work, improvements in the culture of beer pouring became a mission for me.

She graduated from the beer pouring school led by the champion of the world 2010 Lukáš Svoboda.

“God bless us all”

Jiří Šťovíček - Head of Operating Services
Jiří Šťovíček
Operating Services Manager

He is in charge of the operation of the entire building from the administrative, marketing and business viewpoint. He communicates with the suppliers, partners and media and controls the maintenance of the entire building. He takes care of the promotion of the restaurant, brewery and hotel and participates in marketing and social events.

He started his work in the gastronomic restaurant sphere in 1985 and continues to this day.

Ladislav Malý - Head of Operating Services
Ladislav Malý
Head of Operating Services

He is in charge of the everyday operation of the kitchen, restaurant and hotel.

He keeps the warehouse supplied, oversees the preparation of meals, leads the personnel towards professionalism and receives hotel guests and makes sure that the hotel is occupied.

He has been in the gastronomy sphere since 1993 and worked in such places as hotel Český lev, restaurant Ambiente and as the gastronomy manager of the original Na Rychtě restautant.

Jan Heřmánek - Chef
Jan Heřmánek

Writes the menu for us. He has been in the gastronomy sphere in the Czech Republic and abroad since 1992.

As the head chef and consultant he worked for more than 15 years in the chain of Potrefená Husa restaurants, where he administered and opened new branches.

Besides gastronomy activities, he is the chairman of the Association of Cooks and Confectioners of the Czech Republic – branch of Northern Bohemia.

As a member of the gastronomic team of the Bidfood company he took place in three cooking Olympics and international cooking competitions and has several medals from them.