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About the brewery

The brewery Na Rychte is a restaurant brewery with production capacity 1200 hectolitres per year, which is solely intended for own use of the restaurant.

Brewing houses are inside the restaurant as a dominant part of the space. All other technology is completely located in the basement of the building. Part of building is also the Fridge for aprox.50 beer barrels , connected with brewery cellars by an underground tunnel.

The whole brewery is lead by a very experienced brewer Jaroslav Rottenborn. He is a man of almost fifty years experience with brewing beers Zlatopramen and Breznak. 

About the brewery

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  • We permanently offer 3 kinds of beers and 1 - 2 specials - Our Beers
  • Whose are intereseted more about beer production we offer Beer excursion
  • We are so far only one brewery in Ústí nad Labem producing the beer
  • You can see our restaurant online in our Virtual gallery