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There are many partners participating in the project Brewery Hotel Na Rychte. We co-operate with most of them regularly.  We value this co-operation very much.

Cyclists are welcome, European certification of service for cyclists

Foundation of partnership, 33 Udolni Street, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
http://www.nadacepartnerstvi.cz, http://www.cyklistevitani.cz

Accommodation, restaurant, camps and touristic destinations for cyclists and cyclotourists mark a smiling circle of certification Cyclists are welcome.

Regional authority of region Ústí nad Labem - project Gate to Bohemia

3118/48 Velka Hradebni Street, 400 02 Usti nad Labem

Website touristic guide through the region Usti nad Labem presenting four regions- Czech Switzerland, Czech upland, Krusne mountains and Dolni Poohri.

Czech Tourism - project Czech Specials

46 Vinohradska Street, P.O.BOX 32, 120 41 Prague 2

System of restaurants proved by experts in gastronomy and tourism. It guarantees first-guality Czech cuisine and regional specialties.

temto team prague s.r.o.

Záhořanského 3, 120 00, Praha, Czech Republic

RunCzech.com: serial of running race for the most general public in the most beautiful places and cities in the Czech Republic.

Stredohori(Upland)-Podripsko - Every day trip

Karlovo náměstí 22, Roudnice nad Labem

Freetime portal offering interesting touristic destinations, survey of cultural events and self-contained tips for trips.

Sports complex Horní Počaply

Located in Horní Počaply 264

Sports complex Horni Pocaply is a sports complex run by allowance organization Sports complex Horni Pocaply.

Labe bicykle route


Web maps the Lave bicykle route, surface quality, problematic places and offers variants to the recommended route including the accommodation and refreshment.

Czech Tourism - project Kudyznudy.cz

46 Vinohradska Street,120 41 Prague 2

Information for every traveler.

Czech-moravian union of minibreweries,o.s.

1547 Vychodni Street, 407 47 Varnsdorf

Providing legal and legislative service and protecting interests of minibreweries in the Czech Republic.


Ústí nad Labem: Masarykova 2312/65 | OC Forum - Quiksilver shop | Litoměřice: Dlouhá 202/26

We run one of the oldest e-shops picking up the threads of a long tradition of their shops. It offers over 190 core makes from all over the world.

Secondary school of business, craft, service and Basic school, Usti nad Labem, allowance organization

Keplerova Street 7, Usti nad Labem, IN:00525472

We are school that offers various attractive fields of study and apprenticeships and creates pleasant atmosphere for students and teachers.

Ing,arch. Roman Prachar, authorized architect (03583), authorization for building construction

Svestkova Street 5, 400 11 Usti nad Labem, IN: 72753099
http://www.cka.cc/seznam-architektu/archdata/result?b start:int=1920

Authorized architect (CKA 03583), authorisation for building construction.

Czech Press Group a.s.

Klíšská Street 1432/18, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem

Traveler´s magazine about our planet Earth. Every month news reports from all over the world about nature, life, the most miscellaneous parts of our planet.

Association of disabled in the Czech Republic, district organization

Stefanikova Street 25, 400 01 Usti nad Labem, IN: 44225466

We support, help and take care of socially disadvantaged people because of their long-term unfavourable health or age.

B.B. Art Production

1189/10 Tolsteho Street, 400 03 Usti nad Labem

Complete arrangement of musical, commercial and culturally sociable events from production, dramaturgy, advertising, rental and construction of loudspeaker syst

CZ Golf, a.s.

Opletalova 1284/37 110 00 Praha 1

CZ Golf, a.s. is with 81 holes the biggest provider of golf areas in the Czech Republic.

SMŠ Domino

Poláčkova 3251/1 , Ústí nad Labem , 400 11

Private kindergarten in Usti nad Labem.

City swimming club Usti nad Labem

U koupaliště 11, Ústí nad Labem, 40001

City swimming club Usti nad Labem - a club with long-time swimming tradition, with excellent results even with many records.

Czech Brewmasters

Czech Brewmasters s.r.o., K Sibřině 198/12, 190 16 Praha 9 - Koloděje

Supplier of brewery technologies.