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Celebrations, bashes, conferences

We are glad to offer you spaces of our restaurant for family or other social events and celebrations, weddings, birthdays or graduations. 
You can book the whole non-smoking room or just a part of restaurant possibly the whole Brewery Na Rychte. 
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Why to make your celebrations in Brewery na Rychte?

  • position right in the centre of Usti nad Labem
  • different kinds of spaces - non-smoking room, a part or the whole restaurant or garden 
  •  any kind of refreshment (bash/Swedish table, coctail, special menu)
  • accommodation - capacity 27 beds in our hotel

What can we offer?

  • suitable refreshment according to your party - Swedish and bash tables, canapé banquets or individual menu.  We advise you what meals to choose and what they consist of.
  • accompanying program – live music, DJ, screen projection, fashion show etc.
  • guided beer excursion
  • accommodation right in our hotel and parking on free car park

REservation on 475 205 018 or 475 213 138. your request send to: INFO@PIVOVARNARYCHTE.CZ