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Beer Souvenirs

For beer lovers, collectors and especially our fans to commemorate the brewery we offer several souvenirs.

Beer Souvenirs

P1_Pivní láhve z Rychty
P2_Pivní sklenice Pivovar Hotel Na Rychte b
PE1_Mazel 90x110
PE2_Vojtěch 90X110
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Beer bottle and glass

  • beer glasses Brewery Na Rychtě - 0,5l for 119 CZK and 0,3 for 109 CZK
  • beer bottle Mazel (PET 1,5 l) - 105 CZK
  • beer bottle Mazel (pitcher 2 l) - 419 CZK

Beer Labels

  • Mazel
  • Vojtěch
  • Ústečan
  • Brusinka
  • Ústecká Rychtářka
  • Rychtovar

Every label costs 10 CZK and is available at the hotel reception or in hotel restaurant.

Beer sports bracelets

As well as becoming nice souvenir we offer sports silicone bracelet with logo Brewery Hotel Na Rychtě for only 35 CZK.


You can choose from 2 kinds of postcards - available at the hotel reception for 10 CZK + post stamp.​


If you want to focus on quality T-shirt with the logo of our brewery, you can choose between Polo T-shirt for 399 CZK or colored T-shirt for 250 CZK.  They can be purchased at the reception desk.

you can also buy as a souvenir beer mazel or other from the offer in 1,5 l package.