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June – a month of Napoleonic festival – beer Jordan and European cuisine.

5/31/2013 | Back

Beer Jordan

You can try it since 1.6. within Napoleonic festival and again it is a limited editon only. Jordan was brewed for you in Brewery Hotel Na Rychte and it is 11° beer with 60 % of frumentaceous malt share. There was used a new cultivar of hops called Kazbek. It is an aromatic cultivar with fine lemon odour and higher bitter share.

This beer will be sold for 33 Czech crowns (0,5 l) and 23 Czech crowns (0,3 l).

Every week in June we´ll prepare for you a choice of specialties of nations that took part in Battle of Chlumec. Different kinds of certain national dish will be always served for one chosen week.

We also sell a limited edition beer labels for beer Jordan.

What can you look forward to in cousine?

German cuisine 3.-9.6.

Potato rice with spring onion, fresh rosemary and grilled Bavarian sausages 109,-.

French cuisine 10.-16.6.

Roasted cock on wine served with vegetables Juliane and crispy baquette 159,-.

Russian cuisine 17.-23.6.

Old Russian stuffed cabbage with pork meat, sour cream and roasted potatoes 109,-.

Austrian cuisine 24.-30.6.

Tyrolean pork liver with bacon, onion and cream, served with parsley rice 99,-.