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Beer production

Beer production

The beer is brewed by 2-mash way traditional technology, so-called decoction (cooking mash), when one batch takes 12 hours.

Primary fermentation takes place in the brewery cellar, in two closed fermentation tanks for a period of 6-9 days. During the primary fermentation the alcohol in beer is created and carbon dioxide is released. After the primary fermentation the brewer’s yeast fall to the bottom and the beer is pumped into 6 lager tanks, where it matures for one month (some special and stronger beers even longer) and then it is transferred into the pressure tanks from which it is directly served to drink.

Raw materials


For brewing we use two to three kinds of Czech hops from Zatec and Ustek, from which the most important is the export semi-rareripe reddish hops from Zatec, a strain more than 500 years old.


Malt is added and mixed in specially balanced proportions, so as to achieve an optimal balance of colour and flavour for different kinds of beer.


use moderately hard water from Usti nad Labem that is free of any impurities and more than twenty years it is used for brewing of well-known beer Zlatopramen.

Nowadays we brew three permanent beers and one or two specials.  More information about them you find in the section Our beers.

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