Pivovar na RychtÄ›

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Historical roots of the brewery date back to the mid-19th century, when wine was sold here and the whole building has served for more than 150 years as a restaurant.

Before the war there used to be a well-known pub U Hublu. From the 70’s of the 19th century it used to serve as a pilsner alehouse, pub U Madru.
Historical photos of both rooms adorn the walls of the main pub and then a mural painting (9 x 3,5 m) in the garden restaurant represents the beer production from the time of Renaissance.
After 1970 there was a wine bar Mikulovska, for residents known as “Mikulda” and recently the restaurant Na Rychtě that bears its name for the present Brewery Hotel Na Rychtě.

Nowadays Brewery Na Rychte is the only brewery, where beer is really brewed in Usti nad Labem.  Read all about Our beers or book an interesting Beer excursion.